「Do You Have Mobile?」

.. 「Do You Have Mobile?」

Of course I do. I keep two smartphones and one dumb phone with me all the time. I also carry a tablet to work so that I can draw pictures (mostly infographics by the way) during meetings.

But most of the time that was not the real question I was being asked. When my colleagues asked for 「mobile」, they meant 「mobile marketing stuff」.

「What stuff?」 you may ask. Exactly. Mobile Marketing could mean anything ranging from a SMS promotion blast, to a full blown m-commerce site, or anything in between.

To make the situation more confusing, we also have things like a responsive email design, a QR code printed on an outdoor billboard, or a click-to-call button placed on a website which provides a bit of mobile compatibility, but embedded in the traditional (relatively speaking) marketing vehicle.

To sum up, some of these items are referring to mobile as the channel that marketers reach out with, some of them are referring to the device characteristics that the end users are interacting with, and some of them are referring to the nature of geo-location.

This confusion continues as we move along with the mobile journey. This also explains why the one who holds the marketing budget is not embracing the concept of 「mobile」 yet: As long as people still treat this term as a buzzword to collect all the different kinds of 「new」 digital tools and features into one big basket, we can』t have a clear picture of what it really means.

Sounds familiar doesn』t it? We had this 10 years ago when everybody was asking how to put things 「online」. Now, it is even silly to have a job title like 「Online Manager」. I am waiting for my own time to come when my title 「Mobile Manager」 becomes obsolete, and my mission will then be accomplished. Until then, we still have a lot of education, sharing and exploration work to do, and I will still ask you back 「What is Mobile?」 if you ask me the question 「Do you have mobile?」.

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