Everyone has a Story

.. Everyone has a story worth telling.

However, not everyone is telling it.

Why not?

Is it because normal people don’t know how to present the story in a fancy and attractive way? Perhaps. But I believe it is not the point.

I believe the challenge is not just about how to present it, but also about what to present and why presenting it. This is the “chicken or egg” question, isn’t it? You don’t know why you are sharing? Then you won’t have the incentive to collect the materials. You don’t have the materials handy? Then nothing seems to drive you to make a story to tell. Eventually you forget about the real stories behind all the moment you were trying to remember.

You post your photos on Facebook’s Timeline, but they don’t form your stories. And then when you really want to tell a story in a formal way, your photos stored in Facebook, Instagram, iCloud’s PhotoStream and Flickr won’t help either, because they are all messy and cluttered.

Do you have the same problem? Tell me your thoughts!

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