10 Essential SEO Tips

.. When building your website, following 10 Essential Tips are critical to your website search engine ranking.

  1. Using <title>Your Site Name</title> tag, put the most important keywords first, since search engine will cut off the <title>. Basically within 60 characters.
  2. Using <meta name="description" content="XXX">  to describe your website briefly.
  3. Using <meta name="keywords" content="XX">(using comma or space has no difference).
  4. Using keyword-rich domain or URL, e.g. www.keyword.com/key-word.html is better than www.abc.com/1.html
  5. Adding Alt tag for all images <img src="" alt="image description">, since Google will search images on your website.
  6. For each page, use <h1> one time to highlight the most important keyword phrases.
  7. For each page, use <h2> a few times just after the <h1> to highlite the less important keyword phrases, then can use <h3> as many as you can.
  8. In hyper link, include the keyword phrases, i.e. using <a href="">keyword click here</a> rather than <a href="">click here</a> 
  9. Can use <strong> or <em> to highlight keyword phrases
  10. Keyword density should below 7%, you can check your website keyword density on: www.keyworddensity.com

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