Enhancing 5G Security, Onward Security Becomes Asia's Only CTIA Authorized Test Lab for Cybersecurity and Wins Awards for its AI Products

.. TAIPEI, Taiwan--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- 5G-based IoT, as the next technology trend, is driving strong demand for communication testing of connected devices. Onward Security, a leader of IoT cybersecurity compliance solutions, announced that it has been authorized by CTIA to become the exclusive CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL) for cybersecurity in Asia, which will enable the company to assist manufacturers of IoT and telecommunications devices to carry out cybersecurity testing of connected devices and obtain CTIA certifications. In addition, Onward Security has recently won again Info Security Products Guide-Global Excellence Awards and InfoSec Awards 2020 with its independently developed AI cybersecurity assessment products.

The Brookings Institution pointed out that the 5G infrastructure is composed of software-based solutions, and thus has more software and cyber vulnerabilities. Therefore, the real challenge for 5G lies in how to ensure cybersecurity and the information security for connected devices and applications in the entire ecosystem. 「5G, IoT and the resulting innovative applications will lead to more frequent cyber attacks. How to raise the awareness of 5G information security and how to institutionalize and standardize it has become a serious issue that governments and companies in all countries must pay attention to. In addition to being Asia』s only CTIA Authorized Test Lab for cybersecurity, Onward Security is also the only Amazon authorized third-party lab in Taiwan for device testing and security assessment for Alexa built-in products. It can assist brands and manufacturers to test connected products and obtain international cybersecurity certifications,」 said Morgan Hung, General Manager of Onward Security.

Cybersecurity in the 5G era focuses on how to achieve end-to-end overall security. In addition to learning about international cybersecurity regulations and standards, companies may establish security design and development regulations in the product development life cycle to comply with regulatory requirements and obtain CTIA certifications sooner. Born under this concept, Onward Security』s AI products HERCULES SecFlow and SecDevice (Automated Product Security Assessment Platform) can assist companies to set up security development systems more quickly and start DevSecOps process, effectively meeting international cybersecurity standards and cybersecurity requirements of terminal devices purchasers. SecFlow and SecDevice have won multiple international awards this year, including 「IoT Cybersecurity Gold Award」, 「Industrial Control Cybersecurity Silver Award」, and 「Vulnerability Management and Incident Response Award」 of Info Security Products Guide-Global Excellence Awards, InfoSec Awards and Cybersecurity Excellence Awards 2020. Now a CTIA Authorized Test Lab, Onward Security will be able to offer more comprehensive solutions of 5G cybersecurity for customers to seize 5G business opportunities.


Ginger Chin

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