Thank You My Friend

This is not a hard story. In fact, this is not even a story.

This is actually a statement to declare that I (we) got a friend. A True Friend.

Don’t get me wrong when you read this (I mean you, yes, you). I am not saying that I have actually been ignoring this point until now. The reason why I only blog about it out loud now purely because my blog-pipeline has been way too long, and is not moving. In order to move this card to the front, I have to delibrately drag you from the “Next” column to the “Writing” column today.

On my draft, I was going to point out all the special things that you accidentally or mysteriously matching me or my wife’s respectively, or all the tricky theories that only you have the wisdom and patient to understand, or even all the secrets that only 3 of us in this world is holding.

But I guess I won’t.

I am simply gonna tell you this: Thank You. Thank you for being the first (and perhaps the only ever) true friend that we have here in this part of the world; someone we can deeply trust without hesitation and exception, someone we can show our relax faces to, and someone who let us to be ourselves honestly and still achieve something great together. Someone who completes our circle. Thank you.

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